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How it works

1. Choose a gift for a refugee who has survived torture

It's simple: you donate a Christmas gift for a refugee or asylum seeker who has survived torture, and we'll make sure that they receive it. We work with torture survivors in our five centres across the UK, and we'll make sure that your gift goes to someone who needs it.

2. We will send a certificate to you or your friend

You can choose to make a donation in someone else's name, and to send them a gift card letting them know. Or, you can donate in your own name, and we'll send you a certificate. It's up to you!

Tick the box when at check out to add a beautiful gift card for £1, and we'll send it wherever you ask us to. We'll also email you a copy.

3. Your donation will support a refugee who has survived torture

We'll try to make sure that we use your exact gift, but if we get to the point where all of our clients have Christmas presents, we will use your donation to fund other areas of our work. Get more information about our work, including how we spend your donation.

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