What happens when I buy an item for a torture survivor?

Your donation, including any Gift Aid contribution you make, will be used to buy items and fund vital programmes to support for survivors of torture during the coronavirus crisis. If you opt in to email communications, we'll send you updates about the impact you're having.

Disclaimer: the situation with the coronavirus crisis is rapidly changing. Whatever happens, we will make sure your donations go where they are most needed during this crisis. Get more information about our work, including how we spend your funds here.


Can I send in items instead?

Unfortunately, Freedom from Torture does not accept items sent in from supporters as we need to ensure that all survivors receive the same gifts and we do not have the necessary storage facilities to store any/all items that would be sent in. We also have very few staff currently in the office and so there would be nobody to receive and store anything sent to us in the post.

Can I claim Gift Aid?

Yes, you can claim Gift Aid - but only on the donations to asylum seekers. You can't claim Gift Aid on physical items you're buying - e.g. tote bags. So, if you donate £20, buy a tote bag for £5, and then claim Gift Aid, the Gift Aid applies to the £20 - not the extra £5.

Can I make a generic donation instead?

If you'd prefer to make a donation to Freedom from Torture, rather than buy an item for a torture survivor, that is no problem at all! You can donate via our website.

I’m confused: am I buying things for me or for your clients?

When you’re donating via our online shop, you’re funding items that we will then distribute to our clients, according to their needs.

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