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What happens when I buy a present for a refugee?

Your donation, including any Gift Aid contribution you make, will be used to fund Christmas gifts for torture survivors across our five centres in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle. If you opt in to email communications, we'll send you updates about the impact you're having.

Disclaimer: if we get to the point where all of our clients have Christmas presents, we will use your donation to fund other areas of our work. Get more information about our work, including how we spend your funds [link].

What happens if I include Christmas cards?

As long as you buy your Christmas cards before the 3rd December - we need to give them time to get to you, and give you time to send them out - we'll make sure they get to you, and that your gifts to a refugee get to them too.

Can I claim Gift Aid?

Yes, you can claim Gift Aid - but only on the gift donations to refugees. You can't claim Gift Aid on physical items you're buying - i.e. Christmas cards, in this case. So, if you donate £20, buy Christmas cards for £3, and then claim Gift Aid, the Gift Aid applies to the £20 - not the extra £3.

Can I make a donation instead?

If you'd prefer to make a donation to Freedom from Torture, rather than buy a gift for a torture survivor, that is no problem at all! You can donate via our website.

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